Does what, precisely? Well, primarily we mean 'stays so ridiculously hot' and also 'maintains her damned fine acting career', but really it was a tenuous link new Sarah Jessica Parker film I Don't Know How She Does It.

See, it's just come out (you've probably already been slightly irritated by the trailers on telly, but still watch them anyway in the hope that maybe you'll get to see more of Olivia Munn – it never happens, no matter how long you look) and, as is the fashion in Hollywood, there was a premiere. We're not sure if it's any good. It doesn't really look like our thing, to be honest.

Christina Hendricks at the I Don't Know How She Does It premiere

However, Christina Hendricks happens to be in it too. Why isn't she in the trailers more, eh? We might have been lured in. She popped along to said premiere to watch the film and hang out with SJP, and wore yet another one of those jaw-dropping dresses which - well - shows off everything she has on offer to great effect. Fantastic work, Christina. 

At the moment, Christina's just finished work on Drive (coming out later this month), directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. Drive sounds pretty exciting – something about a Hollywood stuntman with a contract on his life that inexplicably doesn't star Jason Statham – but Refn is really keen to shoot a Wonder Woman remake soon with Christina in the main role. We are entirely in support of that.

Apparently, Bear Grylls was there too. What's he doing at a premiere? Shouldn't he be up a tree, hiding from mountain lions and drinking his own piss? Poor show, Bear.