Hell, let’s not be picky about this; we love Arianny Celeste no matter what she’s wearing. In fact, it’s quite difficult to find a picture of the sexy UFC card holder in something that isn’t a bikini, and damnit, we’ve looked pretty hard.

So we’ll have to disappoint you with some more pictures of her in a bikini. We’re really sorry. Once exclusive shots of her wearing an overcoat, or a baggy old t-shirt and joggy bottoms, or a bin bag with holes cut in it, we’ll let you know.

Arianny Celeste in a polka dot bikini
Cheery Arianny!

(actually we probably won’t let you know, because that wouldn’t be very sexy. Perhaps if she was just wearing the bin bag and nothing else, like some sort of sexy vagrant stripper – but with teeth – then we’d say, but otherwise, you’re on your own. Sorry boys and girls)

Arianny Celeste, for those of you not well aware by now (and, well, fair enough, she’s not exactly super-famous) works for them Ultimate Fighting chaps, and it’s her job to hold up a card in between rounds. Generally the cards have numbers on them which dictate the current round, stopping the endless stream of groin-punching and sweaty wrestling devolving into a brutish, uncivilised spectacle.

Adrianny Celeste in a red bikini
Sultry Arianny!

She’s also been in Playboy (if you click on the word “Playboy,” there, it’ll take you to our article about that happening through the magic of the internet) with no clothes on, which is tremendously exciting. If you’re us. Also it’s probably exciting if you fancy girls in general.

For more pictures of Arianny Celeste from this shoot (protip: neither of those are actual names Arianny, sort it out love) pop along to good-old-fashioned gossip and beautiful people blog Hollywood Tuna. Tell ‘em we sent you!

Adrianny Celeste in a black bikini
Judgemental Arianny!

Note: We don’t know who made these bikinis, but then again, you don’t really care.