We like Australians at the moment. Not only are they being kind enough to allow us to take wicket after wicket off them in the cricket, but they've also provided us with nice pictures of some of their finest looking women, including the likes of Natalie Imbruglia, Jessica Marais and Jennifer Hawkins, in December's Who? magazine.  If only Beefy and Ian Chappell could start being that nice to one another.

This is Jessica Marais in Who?. We didn't know who she was either. We're glad we do now, though.

To show some appreciation for Australia, and finally call a truce on our two greats nation’s lengthy rivalry, we’ve made a list of a few things we love about Australia.

Miranda KerrYeah, yeah, we know she’s married to, and carrying the child of, Orlando Bloom, but everyone makes mistakes, Sydney-born lingerie models included. Regardless of her shortcomings, we reckon Miranda’s arguably the finest looking Victoria’s Secret Angel. Good job, Australia.

Miranda Kerr is Australian. That alone is a good enough reason to like the country.

The soaps – Who can honestly say they’ve never watched  Home and Away or Neighbours?  They’re cheesey, they’re predictable and they very rarely involve tram crashes that kill off half of their cast. Plus, they introduced us to the likes of Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia and Holly Valance.  That’s a good thing.

The hottest 35-year-old ever? Probably.

Barbecues – Grilling stuff is great . Eating grilled stuff is great. Going to barbecues is great. Without Australia, barbecuing probably wouldn’t exist. That wouldn't be great.

I’m a Celebrity Without Australia, we’d have had nowhere to banish our Z-list celebrities for a few months of the year. So thank you Australia for looking after Gillian McKeith for us. Any chance you could you keep her?

Dannii Minogue It seems as if Australian X-Factor judges are the only ones that aren’t afraid to tell the truth, and swear on live TV. Dannii, for your dislike of Cher Lloyd alone, we salute you.

Dannii also looks better in lingerie than her fellow judges. Well, Simon and Louis, at least.
OK, so you get the point. We think Australia are alright really. Now to prepare for cursing their cricket players as they perform a miraculous comeback.

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