Nicki Minaj released a new track called Beez in the Trap; lots of people watched it, but few of them had any idea what it was all about.

Well, here’s the answer:

Beez in the Trap has nothing to do with flying insects being prevented from pollinating by an elaborate setup of pulleys and vices and an ensuing global honey shortage. It has everything to do with making money.

The trap, according to Minaj, who was speaking on the Graham Norton Show on Friday, is anywhere that you make your money. So, if you’re a bus driver, the ‘trap’ would be your big red misery carriage. Or, if you’re Dimitar Berbatov, the ‘trap’ would be those comfy-looking red Recaro seats you get ten rows back from Alex Ferguson.

The ‘beez’ part is just a weird way of saying “I am always”. So, instead of saying “I am always in the shop”, you say “I beez in the shop”. Except, instead of saying “shop”, you say “trap”. Why? Well, you know... it's... because... the thing is... look at it this way... ... it's... err... Oh look it's for absolutely no good reason, of course. We can’t begin to legislate for this woman – she has her own language, for fuck’s sake. Buy yourself a 'Nictionary' and be done with it. And yes, that is a thing.