This foxy little lady has been ever so busy this year making albums and touring with Ellie Goulding and that, so it was pretty impressive when we pinned her down for a chat right before she went on stage at the Guinness Arthur's day celebrations in Dublin. Naturally, we talked about hypnotherapy, punching swimming pools and her thing for Gordon Ramsay.

Who are you fancying most off the telly right now?

I’m really fussy, but I’ve got a real thing for Gordon Ramsay.

Is it the angry thing that gets you going?

No I don’t like angry Gordon, just nice family Gordon.

We heard that your mum took you to a hypnotherapist to cure you of your stage fright is this true?

Yeah, it’s really weird though. You sit on a sofa and she’s like ‘what do you want?’ I was like, ‘I want to be able to sing in public’ and then you lie there and she counts, then she bores you to death with counting down, and then talks to you in this very funny voice. I don’t remember much of it, but I know it worked.

Have you always been shit scared of performing?

Yeah. I never went to drama school, or singing lessons or anything. I was just too scared. I am not even too sure I can really sing.

What was the last lie you told?

I shot a music video yesterday, and my friends needed to be there at 3 o’clock in the afternoon but I told them to get there at 9 because I just wanted them to be there for the moral support. Then I just pretended I got the time wrong.

What’s the angriest you’ve ever been?

I don’t get very angry, I wish I could sometimes, but when I go swimming I get so mad.

You only get angry with swimming pools?

Sort of. I just take out all my anger on the water. It’s quite clever really because if you punch a wall that’d really hurt but with water you look like you’re doing front crawl but you’re actually punching an imaginary person. You should try it.

When you toured with with Ellie Goulding did you do lots of girly bonding?

Yeah we did, we went out clubbing a few times. But it was a bit of a nightmare sometimes because everyone knows her. Went to one club and everyone was like, 'Oh it's Ellie Goulding', so they put Starry Eyed on and she got stampeded.

Who would you most like to work with next year?

I’m working right now with the guy who made Hello, Martin Solveig, he’s absolutely brilliant.

What’s the best thing about Sundays, Sunday Girl?

Usually having time off. The other day I had plum crumble for breakfast with lots of custard in tracksuit bottoms. It sounds delicious but my plum crumble was awful. I didn’t put any butter in the topping, it was just flour and it just sort of burnt. I can’t cook.

Socks on or socks off? Socks on.

Nandos or McDonald's? Nandos.

Spicy or lemon and herb? Spicy.

Cheap and cheerful or super swanky? Cheap and cheerful.

Beard or no beard? Err no beard! I hate beards.

No arms or no legs? (silence)

Have we upset you? Neither.

So you want just a torso? Oh fine, no legs. You couldn’t do a lot though.

Cuddly or scrawny? Cuddly.

Kate or Pete? Pete.

Gary Barlow or Robbie Williams? Gary!

Rappers or rockers? Rappers.

Eastenders or Corrie? Eastenders.

No sex for a week or no chocolate for a week? Erm… no sex for a week.