The Olympics are just around the corner, and the big question still remains unanswered (and unasked): just which country has the fittest beach volleyball team?

In the name of good journalism, we've scoured everywhere from Columbia to Cambodia to find the top botties of the games.

So, who takes the medals?

While team GB as a whole aren't quite up there as a whole with some other countries, the inclusion of the phenomenal Zara Dampney (on the right) means they scrape in to snatch the bronze.

Taking home the silver medal is China. Here's our favourite from the world-class side, Jia Tian:

But the gold medal for the sexiest Olympic beach volleyball team (and individual player) goes – unsurprisingly – to Brazil, and the remarkable Sandra Pires.


Now, for the bad news: it's just been announced that if the mercury falls to below 16 degrees during the games, players will be allowed to don shorts and sleeved tops.

If that isn't a reason to pray for some much-needed sunshine, we don't know what is.

Who do you think's the hottest? Anyone we've missed? Let us know below, and we'll try to oblige with a pic.