Like the start of the football season or happy hour at the local, a new Lynx advert is an event men look forward to with eager anticipation. We know what to expect: some lucky chap, dousing himself in Lynx and being immediately swamped by gorgeous women. But, despite the predictable consistency, these short wonders of filmmaking never fail to excite. Different girls. A different theme. A new little dance, perhaps. And you’re there, exhausting the ‘Rewind’ button on your remote, or adding to the hundreds of thousands of YouTube views, all the while cursing Google for failing to tell you the names of these incredible women you’ve never seen before.

Luckily, FHM is on hand to solve these problems for you. Having seen the new Lynx Excite ad, a seraph-themed masterpiece filmed in Croatia, we tracked down two of the new Lynx Angels – Frances Phillips and Magda Klebanska – to find out what heaven is like, whether they’re angels or devils in real life, and what they’d do with a smelly boyfriend.

How did you come to be a Lynx Angel?
Frances: “I did A-Levels in Law, English and Geography, and was just planning to do modelling as a gap year before Uni. But then I started really liking the money and the lifestyle and thought, ‘Uni can wait!’”

Magda: “They stopped me in the street and told me I should be a model. I was like, ‘Ok, why not?’”

Are you angelic in real life?
F: “I’m kind of in the middle. I’ve dressed up as a devil for Halloween before and now I’m an angel in the Lynx ad. I’m not sure which way I’m going to go yet.”

M: “I don’t think I’m an angel or a devil. I’m more of a pirate.”

This is Frances unsuccessfully trying to create a solar eclipse

What would heaven be like for you?
F: “One long, never-ending beach holiday with all my family and friends. Hell would be a boring 9-5 job. I’ve never had one and I don’t think I could handle it.”

M: “I’d be a pirate. A drunken pirate. The one who spends all day drinking all of the rum.”

What would you do with a man who smelt bad?
F: “I like my men to smell quite manly, but if I was with someone who smelt bad I’d have to finish with them.”

M: “I don’t want men to smell like flowers and sweets. If my boyfriend didn’t smell nice I’d just give him some Lynx and say, ‘Hey, this is nice – why don’t you try some of this?’”

And this is Magda standing in the middle of a dusty highway

Tell us something we’d never guess about you…
F: “I’ve had a crush on Justin Timberlake since I was about 10. I don’t know what it is about him, and I find it really embarrassing, but I just can’t help it.”

M: “I played the violin in a band for eight years. I’m pretty good.”

Lynx Excite is available nationwide. Check out their lovely Facebook page for more info.