As men, we tend to steer well clear of any top trends on Twitter that involve Justin Bieber, One Direction or anything else of that ilk. But when Nathan from The Wanted took to Twitter to confirm his relationship with 20-year-old, Florida-born Ariana Grande, the Internet nearly fell apart.

Just your typical teen Twitter hysteria. But when photos of Ariana started appearing on our timelines, we couldn't help but be struck by this cute-as-a-button newcomer, because - well, see for yourself.
Ariana Grande
Who is this hot new girl who has only come into our lives because she's been snatched off the market by one of our boybands? Read on...

Originally a Broadway and Nickelodeon teen star, Ariana is now enjoying a blossoming music career, with an album that has already debuted at #1 on the US Billboard under her belt.Ariana Grande's Yours Truly album

She is the 65th most-followed person on Twitter IN THE WORLD. She's got almost 10m followers, which is more than Gary Barlow, Eddie Izzard and Kevin Spacey COMBINED.


She's got one of those voices that's so good, it makes you feel a bit dirty.

In fact, she's already been compared to Mariah Carey. Think that's a bit of a stretch? Just listen to her singing All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Her Instagram is full of flowers and pink but, occasionally, a very nice selfie like this.

She's good mates with Rihanna, which can only mean good things for future music videos.

She's already massive across the pond, and her new relationship with Nathan from The Wanted will no doubt send her flying into Daily Mail's side column. So you better get this girl on your radar.

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