Emma Watson, star of Harry Potter and millions of adolescent fantasies (and, these days, millions of non-adolescent fantasies as well) has been snapped wearing some fairly short shorts. And that’s fine with us.

Emma was photographed last week for fancy French clothes house Lancome wearing what is, on second inspection, a fairly boyish ensemble complete with hat, tie, jacket and shirt... although luckily for us, it’s incomplete without trousers, otherwise this development wouldn’t be half as interesting as it is.

Isn't there a suitable spell for summoning trousers? Accio pantalonas!

There’s been a fair amount of deserved controversy over Ms Watson, as we’ve watched her grow from an awkward, fuzzy-haired child into the fully-grown, if trouserless, woman you see before you now. So fancying her was seen as a fairly pervy move for a while, and it’s sometimes hard to shake the image of Hermione’s formative years out of your head when you’re admiring her fantastic legs.

But worry no more (although, if you were actually worrying about fancying Emma Watson, you don’t have to – we all do, she’s pretty, it’s allowed) as this April marks her 21st Birthday, making her eligible to drink in the United States, hire a car in some European countries, and be found attractive without fear that somehow, somewhere, you’re doing something wrong.

What else has she been up to, aside from battling Lord Voldemort and sashaying out of nondescript French booksellers? Despite saying in 2007 that she’d never need to work for money again (that was just after she had earned £10m from pretending to be a wizard for a living), Emma was voted the highest-paid actress in Hollywood back in 2010, so really if you don’t fancy her even a little bit there’s probably something wrong with you.