The idiom “an embarrassment of riches” originated in 1738 when a dude called John Ozell translated a French play called L’Embarras des richesses. That’s the kind of translation we could probably have handled. Ol’ John probably couldn’t have foreseen how apt the phrase would be some 272 years later, as T4 celebrated it’s ‘Stars of 2010’. Heck, we can’t even say for sure that John Ozell watched T4. He probably did, though – who doesn’t?

Why was the saying "an embarrassment of riches" so fitting on a November Sunday in Earl's Court, you may wonder.

It's because, contrary to FHM writer T-Bone Howard’s assertion that “it’s been a pretty bad year for everyone”, it hasn’t. At least we’re pretty sure it hasn’t. If it had, how would T4 have made a show about the stars of 2010 stretch across 43 hours yesterday?

So, more pertinently, who were the stars of 2010? David Cameron for toppling Labour dominance? Nick Clegg for getting a little bit of the action? The Chilean miners for proving once and for all that we should hibernate for a few months? Lee Westwood for becoming the first English world number one golfer since Nick Faldo? Graeme McDowell for finishing off the Americans in the Ryder Cup battle? Prince William for finally realising he’s not going to do any better than Kate Middleton and securing us an extra bank holiday in the process?

No, silly. These people:

Pixie Lott

Nominated for three Brit Awards, an NME Award and a Glamour Women of the Year Award. Won none. Got even better at holding an imaginary lightsaber and wearing sexy socks. No awards for that, Pixster. 

The Saturdays

Cemented their place as the hottest girl band around. Looked hot a lot, sang some songs, were on TV loads, sported some mental outfits and hairdos and got away with it. 

Essex nobodies

The Only Way Is Essex is archetypical 'car crash television' - you know you shouldn't be watching but you just can't help it. A Christmas special hasn't been so eagerly awaited since Police, Camera Action! - Festive Foolishness on A-roads.


Still going. Miraculous, really. People always say that cockroaches would be the only living things to survive a nuclear holocaust. Ridiculous. NOTHING can finish the Sugababes.