We realise that Taylor Cole is a new face to FHM, so we’ll take things nice and slowly. Like a proud father teaching his firstborn to ride a bike without stabilisers, we’ll be right there behind you. We’ll strap your helmet on nice and tight. We’ll make sure your knees and elbows are well padded. We’ll guide you along a quiet, leafy, suburban street, holding the saddle to overcome any early wobbles. Before you know it, you’ll be speeding away, leaving us standing on the pavement with a tear of salty pride in our eye. Then everything will go black and white and Bob Dylan will start to play… Sorreee, got a bit carried away there.

Back to Taylor Cole. First and foremost, this is what she looks like:

Not bad, eh? Nice smiley face. Cracking legs. Good posture. Generally excellent form. Tell us more. 

Taylor popped up on our radar recently because she's starring in new US drama The Event which started over here on Friday. This is her in the programme, playing her character 'Vicky Roberts', which sounds significantly less sexy and showbiz than 'Taylor Cole':

"Listen, agent - get me on that FHM cover NOW!!!"

Taylor was a junior Olympian in volleyball, which probably explains her fabulous figure. We don't have any pictures of her playing volleyball (tweren't beach volleyball, anyway), but we do have this snap of her wearing little shorts, some trainers and a sweatband, so maybe you can pretend:

An actress and a volleyball-person, Taylor's blessed with some talent. Not only that, she can do sexy-pouty as well as smiley, see:

We expect to see quite a bit more of Miss Cole in weeks to come.