The Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon of 2012 created a divide amongst men that was completely unexpected.

For some, it was a curse. Morning train journeys became massively uncomfortable when the realisation dawned that every girl in your carriage was reading a dirty book. It might look innocent, but what's going on in their minds is exactly the same as a guy watching a porno on his iPad.

For others, Fifty Shades was a blessing. They were having a lot more sex because their girlfriends and wives were surrounding themselves with it. Even despite the recession, sales at Ann Summer skyrocketed.

Chances are, you've never had a flick through. However, what with the news that one Dakota Johnson will be playing the lead character Anastacia Steele, we thought we'd get to know the actress who your girlfriend is about to wish she was.

01 You might recognise 23-year-old Texan Dakota as the pretty girl who wakes up with Justin Timberlake in her bed in The Social Network:


02 Her mum is actress Melanie Griffith.

Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith

03 ...which means her stepdad is THIS MAN.

Antonio Banderas GIF

Antonio Banderas GIF

04 Dakota also appeared in 21 Jump Street, enjoying a smooch with Channing Tatum.

05 She's also a model, signed to IMG. Which means she's so pretty, people pay money just to put her face on things.

Dakota Johnson for IMG

06 Chances are, there are going to be more GIFs created of this one girl than anyone ever. And that's fine by us.

Dakota Johnson GIF


And once more for good measure...

Yup, that's what we thought

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