It’s official: Miley Cyrus is the 79th sexiest woman in the world.
At hearing Miss Cyrus’ position in the 2014 100 Sexiest poll, many of you were apoplectic with rage. How could the woman that so many men find so supremely irritating, beat more than three billion women in the world to make the top 100?
Here are five reasons why you lot voted her in this year, despite yourselves…
01  She's pretty good at sticking her tongue out and has made licking cool again
Let’s face it: rubbing your tongue against inanimate objects hasn’t been big for a while. But since Miley burst onto the scene, licking has never been such a major trend. This is particularly good news for ice cream vendors, who’ve seen sales skyrocket over the past 12 months.
02  She has no shame
Most pop stars are boring. They don’t talk about anything controversial in interviews, and they don’t do racy photo shoots. Miley is the anti-conventional pop star. She will literally talk about anything and be photographed doing anything. She makes Rihanna look like a prude in comparison, and that’s no mean feat.
03  She likes the ladies
When Britney and Madonna smooched at the VMAs a few years back, the world went crazy. Then, the girl-on-girl PDAs dried up for a while – until Miley brought them back, that is. Katy Perry. Brooke Candy. Backing dancers. You name em, she’s kissed em.
04  She’s upping everyone else’s game
Such is the phenomenal scale of raunch on Miley’s social media feed that her rival pop stars feel the pressure to compete. Cue significantly sexier Instagram and Twitter celebrity feeds, from Taylor Swift to Pixie Lott. 
05  She’s actually really hot
Yes, she can be a bit too much, and yes, she’s kind of annoying. But, come on, let’s be honest: she’s fit.

Plus, if it wasn't for Miley, we'd have never made this amazingly sexy video...

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