Last week, Simon Cowell told The Sun that the reason Nicole Scherzinger won't be back on the X Factor judging panel, alongside the returning Cheryl Cole, is because he "didn't think the two of them would work well together."

Which basically translates to the rest of the world as, "because they can't stand each other." Whether or not that's true remains to be seen, but Cheryl did write in her autobiography Cheryl: My Story that her first meeting with Nicole was "awkward" and "really embarrassing."

The fact that Nicole hasn't yet commented on her X Factor exit doesn't exactly deny the tension. Awkward.

Maybe they should settle this on live TV. Like, wrestle it out. On a bouncy castle. And then kiss and make up.

Or, you know, whatever… 

We're definitely going to miss her from our tellyboxes, dancing along to the live performances like a drunk aunt at a wedding.

Especially all those amazing dresses she wears...

We don't doubt for a second that two-time FHM 100 Sexiest winner Cheryl will bring the sex factor (eh? EH?), but it's just a damn shame the two couldn't work it out.

At least Nicole will have a bit more free time. Maybe she could get The Pussycat Dolls back together?

And then they could do battle with Girls Aloud. Or, you know, whatever...