Penelope Cruz, arguably one of the sexiest women in the entire bloody world has only gone and directed a new short film for Agent Provocateur.

Potentially one of the sexiest ads we've seen in ages, it's got everything; magic glasses, underwear, gym equipment, paddling pools, giraffes and erm... Javier Bardem.

That said, after watching it we were left scratching our heads and asking some of the following questions...

Where can we buy these X-Ray sunglasses?

Is this woman wearing a traffic cone?

Does this woman realise her phone isn't actually plugged in?

Why is this woman doing exercises when everyone else is having fun?

Why is this man more interested in this lady's shoe than the awesome party?

Why do we never get invited to parties with paddling pools in the living room?

Despite how sexy this is, why can't we stop thinking about the Human Centipede whenever we see it?

Is this the biggest (and sexiest) disregard for health and safety we've ever seen?

Is this Rylan from X Factor?

Why are this couple not annoyed that this lady is hogging all of the cushions?

Has this man fallen out with the beautiful models stood talking behind him?

Who, on God's green earth, brings a giraffe to a party?

Wait a second. He's not wearing his sunglasses but he can still see the beautifullness... so are they not magic sunglasses anymore?

All that aside, this is probably the best, sexiest advert we've ever seen. Penelope Cruz and Agent Provocateur should be very, very proud of themselves. The sexy little bunch.