If you thought the paint job on this month's cover was the result of some clever Photoshop trickery, think again.

In the name of truly groundbreaking design, we commissioned steady-handed artist Ged Palmer to paint the entire cover. From scratch. Here he is, midway through, just before we told him he'd used the wrong kind of orange and he was forced to start all over again.

FHM painted December cover

The brains behind the operation, FHM's very own art director Will Jack, says, "It was nice to do something physical and handmade for a change. Logistically, it was a pain to get everything together at the right time, but it was Ged Palmer who really had the hardest part to do, and he did an amazing job."

Who agrees?

Get your copy NOW! And check out Diana's video Flipbook from the shoot while you're at it.