As the current FHM Sexiest Woman In The World is papped wearing a helluva rock on her ring finger, FHM stares out the window at the rain and ponders what could have been.

Here's why we really wish that Mila Kunis was our fiancée. Cue Celine Dion...

15 Her laugh makes you forget all your problems.

Mila Kunis


14 She still looks amazing when she's been caught in the rain.

 Mila Kunis


13 And when she tells you off.


12 Look how perfect her teeth are!


11 She has this in her swimming pool.

mila kunis


10 She doesn't take herself too seriously.

mila kunis


mila kunis fist in mouth


09 Look at those eyes.mila kunis black swan

08 She's blown us a kiss. Sort of...

mila kunis blowing kiss


07 She's dead nice and would laugh at all your jokes.

mila kunis laughing


06 She's honest.

mila kunis drinking beer


05 Did we mention her laugh?

mila kunis laughing at awards


04 She once wore this and it was both funny and sexy

mila kunis coconut bikini


03 She even looks hot when she eats with her mouth open.

mila kunis eating with mouth open


02 She talks like a rapper raps.

mila kunis chatshow gif


01 She did this interview.

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