Water’s great. We love water. Sure, it’s not as exciting as a glass of fizzy pop, and it doesn’t make us giggle and fall over like beer does, and it doesn’t really taste of anything and they charge you through the bloody roof for it.

Huh. So maybe we don’t “love” water, but apparently it’s important to drink a whole bunch of it. And some people live in countries that don’t have much drinkable water, and that causes a whole bunch of problems as you can probably imagine.

But rather than get us all down with images of thirsty folk, Unicef have been bloody clever and are in fact offering you the chance to win tapwater from the homes of famous people. Some of them, like Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift are sexy famous people, which is all the better. Admittedly, some of them are people like Robin Williams and NBA player Dwight Howard. But still!

Apparently, you can go to their website and donate some money so people that don’t currently have water can have some water, which enters you in a prize draw to win the water drawn from the houses of famous (possibly sexy) people.

It’s not pervy or anything, you understand. It’s not like Rihanna’s rinsing her mouth out with it first, or Selena’s taken a bath in it – it’s just perfectly normal tapwater that happens to come from a famous person’s tap.

Yeah, it’s a bit weird, but it helps people, and the videos are funny. So check them out and maybe consider throwing a couple of quid at Unicef to help them out, and maybe win a bottle of water with a celebrity’s face on that maybe you can flog on eBay for astronomical amounts of cash.