Last week we unveiled Adrianne Palicki in her new Wonder Woman costume to a mixed reception. Some of you liked it, and some of you thought it looked a bit daft. 

We're not quite sure where we stand, either. It's pretty faithful to the original design, although the trademark star-spangled pants have been replaced with star-studded trousers - which is better, frankly, as the old school get-up did look a bit like Wonder Woman was wearing a nappy. 

Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman filming
Adrianne didn't think much of her new, "budget" stunt double

Something that we can all agree on, though, is that Adrianne Palicki looks hot in it. In these pictures, they're smartened up the costume from those promo shots and replaced the PVC blue boots with red leather ones - adding some contrast, and let's be frank, sexiness. 

She looks less like a model off a fancy dress website and more like a superhero - albeit a top-heavy superhero that is lacking the protection of any kind of Batman-style body armour. Let's hope she's fast enough with those invulnerable bracelets. 

Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman running
Wonder Woman's powers also include Super-Mime. Here she is at an invisible bar

Here we can see she's running about in LA traffic, presumably for an action scene in the new series - although maybe she's just really keen to get to the shops and pick up a packet of fags before they shut. It's not terribly clear.

People seem to be filming her, so it's probably safe to go with the former. Footage of Adrianne and Liz Hurley in full costume, cat-fighting in midair and ripping strategically positioned areas of each others' clothing, have unfortunately yet to surface. But you can rest assured that once they do, we'll let you know.