This month, we've featured the amazing US model Terra Jo Wallace in the mag. But she's not the only fresh-faced beauty making waves on both sides of the pond.

Cue Rachel Cook, the 19-year-old Next Big Thing from Seattle, Washington who's already filling up forums across the world with people asking "Who's that girl?" Like that Eve song. Except FHM actually has the answer to it.

She's already got top photographers taking ace black-and-white photos of her.

And realising, "Oh, you know what? She'd look incredible in a bikini."

Genius Jameson even got the action on video and we're not just saying that becaus we want to be friends with him.

Rachel Cook in Laguna Beach from Chris Wonder on Vimeo.

What we're trying to say is…

*Sigh* Remember her name.

So what do we know about her?

Well, for starters, she enjoys a hike. 


She's into slurring rock gods.

She loves a blender.

And she's big in Japan.