You’ll be aware of Nicki Minaj by now because we keep going on about her. We keep going on about her because the 26-year-old Trinidadian is a very exciting individual who’s good at The Rapping and says rude words a lot. Here is a picture of her, with some sweary lyrics from the Nicki Minaj song Roman's Revenge (which features everyone's favourite cuddly ball of hate, Eminem) written on it:

She’s a lady with ideas and plans and vibes. Vibes like beginning the video (WATCH IT ABOVE) for her new single Moment For Life (featuring the popular rapper 'Drake') by staging a conversation between two different versions of herself.

One is a fairy godmother with an English accent and a twinkly dress. The other is just Nicki Minaj. Just good old Nicki Minaj, putting on makeup so she looks nice when she goes out to party hard and pretend to marry Drake, or something.

She did that once, last August. Then told everyone on Twitter that they got married. See:

Then told everyone on Twitter that they didn’t get married. See:

And now, right, because Nicki Minaj is aware that blurring the lines between fiction and reality to get people talking about her is a viable form of PR these days, she's married Drake all over again in the music video we were just talkng about. See:

Perhaps this, then, is the marriage that occurred in the first place. Perhaps they got married in the video, then Tweeted about it in a jokey “hey, we just got married” kind of way because, in the video, they totally did get married. And then Twitter, populated as it is largely by people who like to gossip, was all “woah man, get this, Nicki Minaj and Drake got married” and Minaj and Drake decided to let The People believe that they had indeed got married because The People were talking about it and when The People are talking about you it often leads directly to The People buying your records.

That, friends, is a little lesson in how musicians PR themselves. We have no education in these matters and no experience whatsoever. We’re just saying what we see, like Roy Castle used to encourage people to do on the now-I-think-about-it-it’s-actually-really-rubbish TV programme Catchphrase.

Unfortunately the Nicki Minaj song Moment For Life featuring the popular rapper Drake is kind of dogshit.