Nicole Scherzinger is being lusted after by Louis Walsh, according to that nice man Simon Cowell. And it’s easy to see why, with Scherzinger’s recent appearances at the X Factor auditions a masterclass in shiny teeth and simple, sexy dressing. Cowell said: “It’s like a duckling if it is rescued by a dog. The duckling follows the dog around thinking the dog is its mother. It shouldn’t work for obvious reasons – but it does.” Hang on – did Simon Cowell just call Nicole Scherzinger a dog? You could make a headline out of that.

Back in 2009, we predicted she’s ditch the other chancers and go solo from the Pussycat Dolls. But after her solo album was shelved for another year, it looks like the half-Russian, half-Filipino songbird may have to rely on the paltry billions of rumoured fiancé, Lewis Hamilton. Although this should be fine: even at (a suspiciously constant) 32, she more than holds her own even against the F1 pit lane groupies.

Nicole Scherzinger at the X Factor auditions:

Nicole Scherzinger at the X Factor auditions

Nicole Scherzinger in a little black dress

Nicole Scherzinger with her really nice clothes

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