Nicole Scherzinger is a beautiful lady, but for a long time, we thought she was Kim Kardishian, as they look quite similar. Turns out they're not the same person. This is good for two reasons, firstly Kim Kardishian is also quite nice to look as in her own right and secondly Nicole probably wouldn't want to be confused with someone that isn't really famous for anything.

Nicole was in the Pussycat Dolls. She filled the role of the only person that could sing, whilst the others pranced around looking sexy. Well it turns out Nicole can multi-task, because these pictures from Hollywood Tuna show her looking very attractive indeed, which we assume she does whilst singing. Unless she turns into a goblin when she sings, which would be silly, but fun to watch.

Here Nicole is posing in front of the sort of beaded curtains your nan would have had in the seventies.

And here is Nicole posing on some rather marvelous wooden flooring, in a coat/cape, with a corset and a big grin. She would make an awesome super hero. She could call herself The Zinger! Unless KFC have copyrighted it or something, if not, we're going to copyright - THE ZINGER.*

*This is copyrighted now, so nerrr!

1\ Nicole showing off her toned body

2\  Nicole on Egotastic
Bonus Pussycat Dolls goodness.