It’s easy to pretend that Clara Morgane was never a porn star because she’s so pretty and is a good match with the image of a perfect wife that lives in our head. Also, unlike bongo queens like Sasha Grey, she always seemed charmingly unwilling to have enormous objects like tanks rammed up her for cheap thrills. But Clara Morgane was a porn star, and it’s important never to forget that. If you were Clara Morgan’s boyfriend, for example, and you forgot she was ever a porn star and then went on the internet and saw your beautiful French girlfriend being skewered by some hairy chap with a huge dong you’d get terribly upset. Don’t let that guy be you. Don’t let that guy be anyone you know. Watch Clara Morgane do porn RIGHT NOW.

But Clara Morgane (whose real name is Emmanuelle Aurélie Munos, which is amazing) escaped from semen fountains and monthly AIDs tests and found her salvation by doing stuff like recording a debut album called DéCLARAtions and presenting TV programmes. Which begs the question: why doesn’t this happen in England? Can you imagine how amazing it would if any of Cet Deeley, Fearne Cotton or Holly Willoughby had been porn stars? The controller of the BBC would shit himself.


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