Two and a half years ago, we took the lid off the box of one of the modern world’s unhealthiest obsessions and put Megan Fox on the cover of FHM. Watch the video of the cover shoot, above. It was, of course, because Megan Fox topped 2008’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World and from that moment on has been something of a cultural phenomenon. We, for example, write stories about her roughly every eighteen seconds. Even when there is no story. Sometimes we think about writing articles called things like Megan Fox is still called Megan Fox or Megan Fox is definitely not dead because we know people will like it. Here are some examples of stories about Megan Fox we actually did write:

1/ Megan Fox! In the bath!
2/ Megan Fox stands up to bullies by being amazing
3/ Megan Fox naked (underneath her dress)
4/ Megan Fox naked in Jennifer’s Body trailer

Most are amazing, some are desperate, all are about Megan Fox. And here, chums, is the moment it all started getting good for Megan: