Olivia Munn is the sexy Goddess of the geeks, so her presence at Comic-Con 2009 was a must. Being the genius she is, not only did she show up, but she did it in a plethora of POW! inspired costumes. Wonder Woman, Lara Croft, Princess Leia and Emma Frost were the highlights.

Never heard of the girl? Olivia Munn is a Tokyo born ‘onna no ko’ (girl in Japanese) and a lady of many talents. Presenter of Around The Net for G4 online. Model in Nike, Pepsi and Neutrogena ads, and even a Playboy shoot (a rare non-naked, boo-hoo). Actress in Big Stand, Insanitarium, Date Night (2010) and will play Iron Maiden in Iron Man 2. Columnist for Complex magazine. She also featured in the Zebrahead video for Hello Tomorrow, showing she can humble herself at times:

And here’s the babe presenting her show:

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