Be careful out there today, dear friends, for we fear the universe may be about to implode – Paris Hilton has actually done some work. Provided you class prancing about in a bikini looking veritably scrumptious ‘work’, that is.

Paris was in Ibiza shooting the music video for her, ahem, ‘eagerly awaited’ new single. Judging by these pics, our ‘Live Pause’ button will be taking an absolute hammering when the vid hits music channels.

We're guessing that one in the white won't be in the video

Paris appeared to be having a right hoot during the shoot. Can’t think why: being surrounded by bikini-clad dancers on a sun-soaked White Isle sounds like a nightmare to us. Give us a sweaty tube commute with only a Nando’s lunch to cheer us up any day. Just three more stamps until a free 1/2 chicken is ours – take that, Hilton.

"The music video shoot went amazing today! So many incredible dancers and the clothes were so hot! Had so much fun! Can't wait to see it! :)"

Nor can we. But for very different reasons, we’d wager.