Penélope Cruz is hot! Penélope Cruz is Spain’s first female Oscar winner! Penélope Cruz is pregnant with Javier Bardem’s child! Headlines attach themselves very easily to the Vanilla Sky and Vicky Cristina Barcelona actress, and not just because ‘La Cruz’ once shared an on-screen lesbian kiss with Scarlett Johansson.

And now, in the maelstrom of junkets and interviews surrounding the release of her new movie, Broken Embraces (in cinemas August 28), we have another: The film's director, Pedro Almódovar, fancies her. Pedro Almódovar is the most celebrated Spanish filmmaker of his generation, and has worked with his favourite leading lady on brilliant films such as Volver and All About My Mother. But Pedro Almódovar is gay. So, technically at least, shouldn’t be fancying Penélope Cruz.

But here’s what Almódovar said: “Normally, as a director, you engage with your leading lady on an extremely emotional level, and there is everything but sex. But it’s true that Penélope is different. She has caused me sexual desire.” Wahey!


Above: exclusive clip for Broken Embraces, featuring another man who fancies Penélope Cruz...