Everybody is talking about V Festival today, but we're not quite sure why? As nothing really seems to have happened at the festival, there were no surprise performances and no one died, (which is a good thing of course).

Lots of people just turned up and had a bloody good time by the sound of things. Which is always nice, but the media don't tend to report that everything is fine and everybody is having a nice day.

So, just like the tenacious news hounds that we are at FHM, we delved through the PR spin and found the truth about this year's V Festival. What's the real story you need to know? Well, it's that Pixie Lott played and wore two different outfits over the two days of course.

Sure, Kings Of Leon had a bit of a moan as always, and a few other acts played their last gig for a long time, but this is the real meat of the sandwich.

Just look at those legs, they're all kinds of excellent, like long, smooth, bipedal transportation devices in wellys. 

Weston Park outfit: Pixie looks like she's having a whale of a time, however we're not sure if the portion of dead blackbird strapped to her leg is intentional.

Hylands Park: Here Pixie Lott seems to have gone for a big pair of black boots, some stockings and a polka-dotty kind of dress. We likey.

Did you know that Pixie Lott is only 19? Bloody 19!? It dawned on us today that Pixie is yet another successful person in the 'list of successful people that are a lot younger than us.' Yeah, we made a list.

When we were 19 we weren't headlining V Festival, oh no, we were doing magic tricks in the street to trick people in to giving us their phone numbers. Yes, it was an actual job. What? Don't look at us like that...

In the spirit of Pixie Lott and V Festival, here is FHM's Tom Howard interviewing the girl herself and singing Kings Of Leon. Badly. 


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