In the last five years especially, the music industry has become a confusing, overwhelming place. Charts are dominated by the noisy rejects of TV talent shows. Festivals are ten-a-penny. And with good old cassettes slowly but surely disappearing from the shelves of HMV, digital downloads have become the consumption method of choice.

But not all hope is lost. As FHM’s latest, chart-topping cover star Pixe Lott proves, the world of music still has a place for the vocally gifted and morally un-tainted. Conveniently, the 18-year-old also looks amazing in a pair of glittery hotpants. Grab the new issue to see her first ever shoot in full, and in the meantime, check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes video above.

Elsewhere in our papery ode to all things audio, you’ll also find a feature on the world’s hardest roadies, an exposé on the secret history of the iPod and an arse-heavy guide to shooting the perfect music video. Not got ears? Flip the cover for FHM Collections, our bundled-in guide to this season’s hottest fashion, introduced by Battlestar Galactica’s uber-dandy Jamie Bamber.

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