Pixie Lott is amazingly hot, quite a good singer and actually a bit magical. We know this may sound silly, but since seeing her at the iTunes Festival, we think Pixie Lott may actually be a pixie. Sure it is easy to throw around wild pixie accusations without any proof, lord knows we do it all the time.

Coming to dinner with us is like having a feast at a Salem Witch Trial, we dunk women's heads into bowls of soup to see if they float or continually accuse someone of fingering an ork. This might be why we're not allowed to attend family dinners anymore, but we think it's actually because our evil Uncle Damascus the warlock put a curse on us.

Anyway, as we mentioned Pixie Lott's performance was at The Roundhouse as part of the iTunes Festival, which isn't really a festival if you ask us. As it's not outside, it's spread over thirty days and you can only win tickets. It's more like a periodical musical gathering, but that doesn't quite have the same ring to it. This is why we don't work in advertising.

Anyway this is what Pixie Lott's face looks like.

This is what Pixie Lott's very long luscious legs look like.

This is what Pixie Lott looks like when she's decides to do a bit of levitating. Hang on a minute, she's levitating. She is a pixie, we're not crazy after all!

Here is a video of Pixie Lott's awesome cover shoot for FHM.

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And finally here is a magical gallery of the lady herself.*

*Note it probably will not contain any actual magical elements.