Last week we brought you the hugely pleasing news that Rachel Bilson is single.

Well, we’ve got more good news: she’ll soon be tanned and single. Because she’s currently sunning herself in Hawaii.

Wait, there’s yet more good news: we’ve got pictures of her sunning herself in Hawaii. Wearing bikinis.

This is her at 6am, getting her towel down before some people from Eastern Europe arrive and nick all the good spots.

Here she is, walking out of the sea wearing a non-matching bikini, a straw hat and some sunglasses.

She's obviously only been paddling - if she'd been swimming, her hair and hat would be all wet. Unfortunately, she's got some wet sand on her right foot; that'll be a right pain when she lays on her towel and it goes everywhere.

Here she's wearing a different bikini and either waving to someone or making a really half-hearted attempt at catching an Aerobie that's about to pop into the picture. 

Here she is playing with a small girl, who almost certainly doesn't realise how lucky she is. Damn you, small child.

Here she is buying beach toys and giving herself a sexy wedgie, which is fun in SO many ways.

She's looking a bit pink around the shoulders though. Anyone got any factor 40?

Here she's surrounded by a bunch of more beach-prepared but much less attractive people. She doesn't look overly happy about it. We think the woman in the pink one-piece just threatened to steal Rachel's plastic fish-mould thingy.

Here she is, looking slightly grumpy, like when you've been at the beach all day and you're a bit tired and all you really want to do is go home, not have to pack away all your beach toys and walk the 10 minutes back to the hotel. Groan.

1/ Rachel Bilson is single
2/ Rachel Bilson deleted sex scene
3/ Rachel Bilson is in style

1/ Heidi Montag + Karissa Shannon = lesbian sex tape
2/ Konnie Huq has the X Factor
3/ Kate Beckinsale has still got it