It’s weird, isn’t it? When famous women that we love break up with their loser boyfriends and come back onto the market, it gives us a little ray of happy-hope.

Isn't she lovely?

Deep down, we know that, realistically, their relationship status makes no difference to the chance of us ever enjoying some ‘Sunday-time’ together, but that doesn't stop us doing a little fist-pump under our desk.

Isn't she wonderful?

Step aside Hollywood heartthrob Hayden Christensen, with your promising acting career, classic good looks and athletic ability. You've had your chance, now it's our turn.

We're bringing our: writing short stories about attractive girls 'career'... do I look a bit like a skinnier version of Raoul Moat? 'looks'... and, once scored twice in a five-a-side match 'sporting prowess' to the table. 

She's so lovely

Here's a metaphor that perfectly encapsulates the situation:
If you were a duck and your dream was to fly to the moon unaided and you realised it was probably never going to happen but that didn’t stop you staring up into the night sky and dreaming and thinking maybe, just maybe, one day, if you flap your wings really fast and the wind blows in the right direction you might just make it into space and fly around the moon and how amazing would that be. And then you found out that astronomers had been wrong and the moon’s not 240,000 miles away, it’s actually 200,000 miles away. Suddenly your little wings look slightly less pathetic. Happy times.

So very, very, lovely

So, to recap: Rachel Bilson is the moon. And we’re a little duck. Rachel Bilson is probably never going to go out with a duck – it just wouldn’t be convenient for plush holidays, exclusive bars, movie premieres and all the stuff like that that she does. But, she’s just moved a tiny bit closer. Which is good news, in case she ever decides to go out with a duck. Which is what we are. But she probably won’t.

You’ve got to have a dream… If you don’t have a dream… How you gonna have a dream come true?

Dizzie Rascal 1. Reality 0.

Ok, so it's not a duck, but who ever heard of a dog flying to space?


1/ Rachel Bilson deleted sex scene
2/ Rachel Bilson is in style
3/ Rachel Bilson - hot summer


1/ Miley Cyrus has no clothes
2/ Ashley Greene looking hot in Los Angeles
3/ Katy Perry is topless

And here’s a lovely little gallery of Rachel Bilson to keep you entertained as you flap your way to the moon: