Nearly ten years ago, in May 2000, FHM picked up the phone and asked S Club 7’s publicist for access to Rachel Stevens. Permission granted, we put her on the front cover of the magazine. In a leather bra. A decade later, Rachel’s returning to our cover - for what is a record seventh appearance – to usher in the next ten years (video below). The January issue of FHM - on shelves now – which celebrates the best and the worst of the ‘noughties’, also comes with a free giant calendar, featuring Kara Tointon, Abbey Clancy, Pixie Lott, Victoria Pendelton, Eliza Dushku and Amber Heard. What's not to love?



- Upgrade yourself!

- How FHM nearly killed Keanu Reeves!

- Time travelling terrorists!

- George Clooney's girlfriend!

- A big tank!


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