Rachel Stevens is a patriotic woman - rumour has it she eats bangers and mash every day, knows all the words to our national anthem and slays  a dragon every St. George's day - just to keep in shape.

Well these aren't strictly true, but we're sure if dragons existed, then we're sure she would have a go. FHM's Covergirl Of The Decade has posed to promote a snazzy new perfume from Sky+HD dedicated to the World Cup.

Despite being three-months pregnant Rachel still looks sexy with a England flag draped over her. Apparently the perfume - Eau De Stade - evokes the smell of South Africa and the football field. We're hoping for more of a freshly-cut-grass scent than whiff of a muddy pitch.

Perhaps the same idea could work for  London 2012 - taking in the smells of pollution and tarmac? Doesn't sound quite so appealing does it?


And remember: FHM’s new World Cup issue is on shelves next Thursday, June 3. It looks like this:

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