We didn’t go to Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Bangor because we’re not 12, but in some ways it looks quite fun. The weird thing about events like Radio 1’s Big Weekend though, is the photos that do the rounds after the event always look fun, but when you actually go you have to stand next to loads of smelly douchebags who won’t get out your way when you’re trying to buy a £38 pie or have a piss on yourself in a toilet covered in shit and you end up wondering why they hell you even went in the first place. So overall, looking at the photos is the best bet. And if you feel like you missed out musically, just buy a compilation CD called 2009 In A Nutshell or something. That, frankly, is a great name for a compilation CD and we can’t believe no one’s ever thought of it before. Sometimes, we make ourselves puke with some of the amazing stuff we come out with. Now stop reading this tripe, you maniacs, and have a look at some pop stars looking attractive. That’s what you’re here for. You sickos.

1/ Rihanna at Radio 1’s Big Weekend

2/ Cheryl Tweedy at Radio 1’s Big Weekend

3/ Pixie Lott at Radio 1’s Big Weekend

4/ Ke$ha at Radio 1's Big Weekend