Most of America has been on holiday for the past four days, celebrating Independence Day. But Rihanna has still been working, doing a gig in Canada, because she's not lazy. She also not American – she's from Barbados – so that's probably a factor. This is what Rihanna wears to work.

Rihanna in a PVC catsuit

She looks kind of like a villain from a slightly pervy comic book, or like she should be painted on the side of some hippy dude's truck riding a flying snow leopard and waving a magical sword. Both of these things make her pretty awesome. The outfit also has a back view.

Rihanna's bum in a PVC catsuit

That's quite good too.

Rihanna in a PVC catsuit with a guitar

And she plays a guitar! We're totally getting this tattooed on our back (we're not, we're scared of needles – they're pointy!).

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