You may have seen this Rihanna picture before, in our article Rihanna at Rio Rocks with woks. But it's a convenient landscape shape and an excellent appetiser for the Rihanna pictures, video and links that we're going to tidily bundle below, for the simple reason that it's Wednesday afternoon and you haven't had enough Rihanna today. Tomorrow, it'll be someone else. We're like the Daily Mail telling you eat more beetroot because it's good for your ankles, then scrapping that on a Thursday and telling you that your life depends on eating more free-range hummus. If you don't, you'll get wiped out. Now pay attention.

Rihanna in a little black dress with white shoulder straps:


Rihanna wearing something (possibly) wooly with holes in:


Rihanna wearing a black top and fishnet stockings:




Everything else we've got on Rihanna:

1/ Rihanna gets a lap dance from a midget

2/ Rihanna is teasing us

3/ Rihanna is blurry and sexy

4/ Rihanna at Rio Rocks with woks

5/ Rihanna's bashed in face*

*It's not in the manual, but it turns out having your face bashed in can be good for your career. Barbados' Entertainer of the Decade recovered from her domestic incident with singer Chris Brown to release fourth album Rated R in November last year, which went platinum in January. Under the mighty tutelage of Jay-Z, the 22-year-old's riding the big bucks express, which should go at least some way towards softening the blow of helping JLS crack America.