Brilliant rumours insist that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley landed her role replacing Megan Fox in Transformers 3 by turning up to her audition wearing nothing but see-through lingerie. That’s shock and awe tactics right there, the sort of behaviour guaranteed to appeal to the loud and explosive mind of director Michael Bay. Just imagine:

In stark contrast to her straight-out-of Rio appearance, this double-barrelled beauty is from Tavistock, Devon, and has a father called Charles. We wonder what Charles thinks of the 23-year-old face of Burberry turning up on the internet clutching a bong.


Or her dalliance with Kylie Minogue’s ex, 44-year-old French actor Olivier Martinez.

Or epic topless campaigns for fashion brands Aubin & Wills and Thomas Wylde

Actually, we don’t wonder. We don’t even care. This woman is definitely alright by us. Apart, of course, from the whole dating Jason Statham thing.

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