As anyone who skipped down to the newsagents to buy Rosie Jones’ 2010 topless calendar will testify, it was better than Rosie Jones’ 2009 topless calendar. There was definite progression. Gone were the flickers of wariness in her eyes, the guarded look that asked, ‘You are going to pay me for this, aren’t you?’ No, 2010’s edition was an altogether more confident and flirtatious production.

These celebratory St George’s Day images are further evidence that Rosie, whose boobs are nicknamed Bill and Bob, has taken control of her own destiny. She holds the Guinness World Record for ‘The most bras worn and removed in one minute', appeared on Soccer AM and is a national Page 3 favourite.

With England’s World Cup campaign less than 50 days away, demand for Britain’s hottest girls to appear draped in patriotic garments is spectacularly high. So congratulate us on this red and white exclusive. According to the FHM Editor, “Rosie is one of the most requested girls in FHM’s history”. Watch this space.