What did you think of your pictures?
Mainly, thank God for make-up! I loved them, but you always feel nervous because there are things you don’t like about your body and that’s what I focus on. It was a good laugh though and they had some cheesecake on the shoot, which never goes down badly.

After a brief straw poll your pictures were rated as “drool”. Are they the sexiest shots you’ve ever done?
Well, I don’t do many, and especially not sexy ones like this, so definitely. I get photographed for the Hollyoaks calendars as well, but they’re really tame. Though speaking of which, I hope you’ve got one on your bedroom wall.

Nah. We’ve got one with puppies sitting in vases. Why don’t you have a calendar of your own rather than having to share with the rest of the cast?
I’m hopeless. I couldn’t organise my way out of a paper bag, never mind organise my own calendar. Also, I seriously doubt I could get 12 shots out of myself.

Cheeky, pouty, sexy, angry… it’s easy. Anyway, Hollyoaks has been on the up-and-up since you joined two years ago. Are you that good?
Am I heck! But people have been writing some very nice things about the show. It’s always been fantastically well put together and I guess it’s so popular because it’s about young people for young people and touches on some important storylines.

That and it’s chock-full of pretty people. Your character Louise was nicknamed “the Ice Queen” – is there a little bit of you in her?
I think a lot of people hate Louise because of her prickliness, but I’m not prickly at all – I’ve been waxed! No, don’t write that. I’m not icy though. I’m a lot more laid-back than she is, although I’m sure I have my days. I’m definitely not as snooty and snobby as she is. I think if you’re happy and smiley guys like you a lot more.

Louise particularly hates students. Now that you’ve had your NUS card revoked, do you share the same sentiment?
No – students are fantastic! And I’m certainly not envious of them having NUS cards, but I do miss going to the pub every night, which I can’t do because of work. Maybe when I finish Hollyoaks I’ll become a drunk. I’m joking, I don ’t advocate alcoholism. I certainly don’t miss being as poor as I was as a student. It’s nice to have money.

How much do you get paid?
Piss off!

Someone cheated on you in Hollyoaks. Has that ever happened in real life?
One guy did at university and told me a year afterwards. I’d had an inkling at the time, so when I found out I’d sort of already gotten over it. He said he felt guilty, but I don’t know why, as it was a whole damn year later. I didn’t scream or anything, I just said, “We have to end it now, obviously.” That’s the worst punishment. It’s better than going crazy or something.



Apparently you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Did you just say that because you were offered promotional bucks to do so?
[Bursts into hysterics] Yeah… well, I do feel upset when it rains. [More hysterics]. I wouldn’t sit under a lightbox or anything, but the sun does make me happy. Can someone at FHM take me on holiday?

We’ll have a whip-round. Sticking with the celebrity-for-cash theme, apparently you do celebrity club appearances too?
I’ve done one. It was alright – you just have a drink and say hello. It’s like a night out that you’re getting paid for. I don’t mind doing it, but it depends how much people will pay me. I’m going to sound like a ruthless money-grabbing bitch, aren’t I?

You’ve got to pay the bills. And interestingly you’ve met our new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. Did you flirt with him?
Did I flirt with him? Are you having a laugh?! Would you flirt with Margaret Thatcher?

No, but she’s a lot older.
And Gordon Brown’s around my age? No, I didn’t flirt with him. I spoke to him very briefly at an event promoting education for young children. He was alright actually. I think he was fairly charismatic, but I definitely didn’t fancy him. It’s good to have friends in high places, like for when this interview goes tits-up. I’m going to tell Gordy.

He’s a big man, but he’s out of shape – we could take him. How many times a day do people sing Roxanne to you?
Not that much now, but at university and school people used to do it all the time. Ricky [Whittle, who plays her onscreen fiancé in Hollyoaks] sometimes sings it on set.

Have you heard about the Roxanne drinking game?
Oh yeah, that thing where you have to drink a shot every time Sting sings the name Roxanne? Stuart Manning [Hollyoaks’ Russell Owen] told me about that. I played it with a few cast members ages ago, but if I have half a glass of wine I’m on the floor, so shots aren’t good for me.

Is everything in Max’s shop out of date?
A lot of it is and some is injected with TCP to stop us eating it, but the lollipops are okay to eat. Will Chupa Chups send me some free ones instead?

No idea. You scooped the Sexiest Female gong at the British Soap Awards this year – do you find it embarrassing winning that kind of award?
No, it’s really flattering. I’d love to win – or at least be up for – Best Actress though. Wouldn’t you like to be up for Sexiest Male?

We don’t want to win any trophy that’s had Shane Richie’s clammy mitts on it. Did you know that according to our 100 Sexiest calculator you’re officially the perfect woman?
No, but that’s good. I’m telling everyone. That’s fantastic. I like British men!

Are the other girls jealous that you’re the only Hollyoaks girl in the top 100?
Of course not. Anyway, Gemma Atkinson was higher and she’s still an old Hollyoaks girl. Everyone takes it with a pinch of salt. Except me. I love it!

Would you ever get an Atkinson-style boob job?
She looks great as she can carry it off, but I’m not as tall as her and have a different frame. I can’t promise I’d never do it though.

What are you going to do to move up the list next year?
What do you want me to do? Write it on a piece of paper, stick it in a brown envelope and send it to me. Although hopefully the pictures in this shoot will send me up the list.

Apparently you hate snooker and darts on TV. How should they glam them up?
Do it on the beach and instead of throwing darts at a board they should throw them at the snooker players. How do you know all this stuff anyway?

We read everything that’s ever been written about you.
That must have taken all of five minutes.

There’s quite a bit actually, including some weird stuff on the internet. Although, to be fair, a large chunk was about a trip to Egypt that you probably got for free. Do you steal stuff from the beauty parlour Louise works in?
No, because nothing works in there and the containers are all glued shut. Although one bottle smells lovely, it’s called Tigi. Leave that in the piece.

Are you trying to blag more freebies? Unbelievable. Do you get your waxing done in the parlour?
No, I go back to London for that. I like my wax to be perfect and once you get to know somebody… Basically you don’t want loads of people looking at you down there as it’s a vulnerable and nerve-wracking experience anyway, so using the same person makes it easier.



It’s been predicted that you’ll hit Hollywood eventually. Is that the plan?
Obviously that would be amazing and I’d definitely like to get into serious drama and films. But it’s not something I’m thinking about right now as I’m contracted here until the end of 2008.

Is it like football where you can get your agent to feed press rumours to get a transfer?
I don’t have an agent.

Possibly a mistake. Are you the sexiest soap babe ever? Give us your top three.
That’s ridiculous, I’m definitely not. I think Jodi Albert’s hot, as is Ali Bastian; Davinia Taylor’s gorgeous, then there’s Joanna what’s-her-face and Elize du Toit. Kate Ford’s lovely in Corrie and what’s-her-face off Emmerdale, Charley Webb, she’s gorgeous, absolutely stunning, one of the hottest soap babes around.

We said three, but whatever. How does the current crop of Hollyoaks girls compare to when the show first started?
We’ve got darker hair and smaller boobs, which probably hasn’t gone down very well with men!

Finally, we’ve got a feature this month about the difference between sexual fantasy and reality. Do you have any confessions about food in sex or doing a striptease?
Food insects? Wow, you’re a bit kinky, what do you do with that?! [We explain] Oh! Food in sex? No, never a disaster with that, all great there. But I’ve done a striptease when I was drunk. It was at home and I looked like a right loon. I don’t think I was remotely sexy. I fell out of my trousers and I don’t think he was that enthused. He just sort of laughed at me.

Original interview by Andrew Harkinson in the August 2007 issue of FHM UK magazine