Rihanna just keeps getting raunchier. When she started out, she was innocent and young with catchy reggae pop tunes that would tickle your funky bone. A few years on, she's dressing more like Helga, that evil sexy dominatrix from your naughty dreams as a teenager.

Well, now Rihanna has only gone and put on a bikini and sat in the sun by the pool in Israel. What can we say, the woman is gifted. On this occasion she opted for a simple flowery number, as opposed to the flaming leather belts, encrusted with studs and jewels that she normally opts for in her videos.

Rihanna is currently making her way across the planet on her Last Woman On Earth Tour. BUT DON'T BE ALARMED. She is not actually the last woman on Earth, but if she was, she wouldn't be a bad choice. Here is some more sexy photographic goodenss to prove it.

Look Rihanna under an Umberella. Life imitating art. We love it when it does that. Clever life.

And remember: FHM’s new World Cup issue is on shelves tomorrow, June 3. It looks like this:

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