Retro 100 Sexiest: the top 10 hotties we were going mental for in 2001

Posted by , 01 February 2010

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It could so easily have been a life of leotards, forward rolls and running nimbly around waving a pink ribbon on a stick for Salma, as when she was a nipper she yearned to be a professional gymnast.

But at the age of 18 she felt the lure of the greasepaint and moved to Mexico City where the sultry senorita landed a part in the 1989 tele-novella Nuevo Amanecer. The Mexican/Lebanese heartstopper was next witnessed taking the title role – alongside the equally loveable Ashley Judd – in Frida Kahlo: a biopic about the tempestuous life of a Mexican artist in the '50s.

200 position: #25

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