Salma Hayek was on the David Letterman show on Monday. On her way there she walked around the street wearing a dress that showed off her still incredible breasts. "Look at me," she seemed to say, "I'm 43 bloody years old and I still look crazy hot. I'm older than Kylie Minogue, for Christ's sake. LOOK AT ME!" She would have said this in an accent. We can't do accents.

Salma was there promoting her new movie, Grown-Ups. Somehow the talk turned to eating insects, which Salma considered a totally ok thing to do.

"We have many recipes for bugs," she said, appallingly. "Escamoles, which are the eggs of little ants, are amazing fried with a little guacamole". After that she couldn't be stopped. "There are many different recipes for worms". No. "I'm salivating...they're delicious". Stoppit Salma, you are being disgusting.

Look, this is what bugs look like. Would you eat this?

No, because you're not Satan.