If you want to sell pretty much anything you can't go far wrong with using Scarlett Johansson in her bra to do so. Want to sell more hammers? Use Scarlett in her pants banging some nails into a wall. Want to sell a tractor? Put Scarlett Johansson on a farm. Want to sell more adult incontinence pants? Ok, it's not going to work for everything. But it does work for Dolce & Gabbana, who are using the Iron Man 2 star to flog posh slap. We will probably now buy some posh slap*.

Who would like to see some more pictures of Scarlett Johansson looking spectacular in order to sell stuff? YOU! Here is one.

Here is another one.

There are none left. NOT REALLY! Here is another one.

Four Scarlett Johansson highlights from the FHM archive:

1/ Scarlett Johansson and Sandra Bullock kiss

2/ Scarlett Johansson is just very hot

3/ The ladies of Iron Man 2 are not unattractive

4/ Scarlett Johansson scores an award

*No, we definitely won't