The Tony Awards have a stupid name. No offence to anyone called Tony, but it just makes it so darn difficult to make wisecracks about Scarlett Johansson's breasts. Sure if it was The Brit Awards (The Tit Awards) or the Golden Globes (Enough said) it would be easy, but no, Scarlett had to go to a 'proper' ceremony with 'prestige' and all that silliness.

The awards mark achievements in American theatre and Scarlett nabbed Best Performance By A Featured Actress In A Play, which doesn't exactly roll off the tongue like FHM's 23rd Sexiest Woman In The World 2010. Okay, maybe that doesn't either. But none of that really matters because the video above will tell you just how awesome she looked.

Denzel Washington scooped Best Performance By A Leading Actor In A Play and over the weekend we scooped up The Book Of Eli from the road, after it was thrown out of a pub's window. Is this indicative Denzel's future career? Well no, but it does show how much we love a freebie at FHM. Even if it is scratched and we have to dodge traffic to get it.