Of course, it’s very sad that UK Maxim died last year and left FHM all alone to fight the good fight for British men’s magazines that people actually buy, BUT THANK GOD, US Maxim is still going. And they’ve put Selita Ebanks on the cover, which is one of the best decisions anyone’s made all year. Just look at it:

Ebanks is from the Cayman Islands, which seeing as we’re a bunch of dudes who sit in offices on a busy road in London eating donuts and trying too hard to be funny, is very exciting. And she was a Victoria’s Secret Angel between 2005 and 2008, which isn’t too surprising seeing as almost everyone who looks good in underwear has, at some point, appeared in pant for Victoria's Secret. Here is an example of Selita Ebanks looking good in underwear in US Maxim:

Now don’t go anywhere, because we know some more stuff about Selita Ebanks. For example: Selita Ebanks has seven brothers. For another example: Selita Ebanks was fired in the fifth week of 2009’s US Celebrity Apprentice. For a final example: Selita Ebanks used to go out with a rapper called Nick Cannon. We have no idea who he is. And that’s basically it. So let’s stop dicking about and show you, in no particular order, three more pictures of Selita Ebanks looking good in underwear in US Maxim, and one of her looking good in no underwear for US Maxim: