Hey it’s Shakira. Did anyone notice that Shakira hasn’t been around lately? Where has she been? There are so many celebrities on this planet we’re genuinely losing track of them.

Last we recall, Shakira did a really bad collaboration with Dizzee Rascal and also had a song on a car advert. We can’t remember the car in question, which means the marketing strategy completely failed.

It was a flawless plan. Get someone as fit as Shakira to plug an average car and people will listen. But they didn’t. Well, hopefully she got a free car out of it, or something.

Fun fact: while she may appear to have no surname (like Madonna, Cher, and, er, Bono?) her full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, which, we think you’ll agree, is a bit unsexy. We’d go as far to say Ripoll even sounds somewhat threatening.

Shakira found a clever way of recycling her easter egg foil

Things you might not know about Shakira: she lives on a private island, which in our heads is probably a bit like the one off Thunderbirds, with cars coming out the swimming pool and stuff. Shakira also has an IQ of 140 (is that good? We think so) and has sold over 60 million albums. Impressive.

But perhaps our favourite fact about Shakira is that there was a 25ft metal statue of her erected (tee hee) in her home town. Imagine, if you will, walking home from your local Public House after one-too-many sherbets and staggering upon Shakira’s colossal iron form?

Power to the people! Well, it is International Women’s Day.