Poor old Pixie Lott. She’s never done anyone any harm. In fact, like all pixies, she’s an industrious little badger. She got straight As in her GCSEs and then decided to pursue her dream career as a little pop starlet, securing a Number One spot for her debut single, Mama Do.

We think she deserves the occasional night out. A chance to let her lovely blonde hair down and have a good time. “She’s only young, let her have her fun,” you might say, if you were her Gran.

So it’s a crying shame that some buffoon decided to try to blow her up last night.

There she was, dancing away to Place Your Hands by Reef, celebrating her 20th birthday in swanky West End nightclub Movida, when the whole place had to be evacuated because of a bomb scare.

Just before 1am, some bloke broke into a nearby branch of tat-factory Accessorize and threatened to blow himself up. What beef he had with the shop that lures teenage girls quicker than the Pied Piper of Hamelin we don’t know, but it spelled the end of the night for Pixster and also Jamelia, who was in the same club celebrating her 30th.

Who can resist a 'Top Gun high-five'?

It's not the first time a Pixie Lott night out has ended in disaster. When her single Boys and Girls went to number one, she decided to sing a little song at Sugar Hut nightclub in Brentwood to celebrate. 

Unfortunately, just before she strutted onto stage, the roof caught fire and the gig had to be cancelled. As 11 fire engines battled to quell the inferno, angry ticket holders battled with police who refused to let them in.

"Listen, pig, I've got a ticket and if you don't let me into that blazing temple of doom I'm going to stick my Christian Louboutin stilettos where the sun don't shine."

Luckily, vajazzles are fire retardant.

Pixie and her boyfriend loved a bit of floor-gazing