Zack ‘300, Watchmen’ Snyder is currently in production of his latest flick Sucker Punch. And he’s hit on a genius idea with this one. Loads of really, really hot girls in punky bondage gear with swords and guns and gigantic robots. Genius.

The film stars Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie, Jamie Chung as Amber, Emily Browning as Baby Doll, Jena Malone as Rocket, Abbie Cornish as Sweetpea. Some names like Hudgens you’ll know, others you won’t but all you really need to know is that they’re all very hot.

Snyder has described the film as "Alice in Wonderland with machine guns", but it also includes dragons, B-52 bombers and brothels. The actual plot according to Snyder is something like this, “Set in the 1950s, it tells the story of Baby Doll (Browning), who is trying to hide from the pain caused by her evil stepfather and lobotomy.”

“She ends up in mental institution and while there she starts to imagine alternative reality. She plans to escape from that imaginary world but to do that she needs to steal five objects before she is caught by a vile man. She has 5 days to escape before being lobotomized. In order to cope with the situation, she enters the hyper-real world of her imagination, and the lines between reality and dream begin to blur. She is joined with friends who are inmates from the institution. Lessons learned in the said fantasy world could help the girls escape their real-world fate."

No footage as yet, but we’ll get it up as soon as there is some. Will be good though, will be very good. Just look at them. And Snyder’s got excellent previous.